Qualities and Attributes of a Professional Dentist

Qualities and Attributes of a Professional Dentist

Qualities and Attributes of a Professional Dentist

Qualities and Attributes of a Professional Dentist

When you think about a dentist, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A white-coated maniac who gets a sadistic rush when sharp shiny tools are being inserted into your mouth or an angelic caretaker who brings you a fresh smile and stops you from becoming a caveman. 

Well, the answer may depend on the number of candies you eat. Regardless of this, every person has visited a dentist at least once in their lifetime, if you haven’t then you probably hate your teeth or you are a dentist. 

A Dentist’s duty is to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and hygienic, it could be cosmetical, surgical, or general, dentists are well-equipped to handle any type of case in any age group. Even in a fast-paced country like India, people do take care of oral hygiene, and this habit is instilled from a young age, for example, pediatric dentists in Gurgaon have had a lot more patients in the last few years, you can either blame this on sweets or just good hygiene but dentist visits are becoming frequent. 

Not just this, but people even go to lengths to find the best dental clinic in Gurgaon so that the best treatment can be received. But what makes a dentist the best, what qualities and attributes do people look for in a dentist, well here are few of them that a professional dentist should exhibit:

Qualities of Professional Dentists


Okay, this seems like a no-brainer, the information and wisdom accumulated with years of study and field practice should seem sufficient to fill the bowl of knowledge. But medical science is an ever-growing field of discoveries and innovation, even in the subdivision of dentistry, there will be something new to learn every day. The benefit of additional knowledge is that there is scope to have a broader understanding of an issue, this can give an edge over others and even if the patient’s issue is not under your expertise, you can provide some type of solution and recommend them to an expert in the area, in this way the visit of the patient to the clinic wouldn’t be a waste. A knowledgeable dentist can make a patient understand the procedure in a detailed manner, keeping the patient involved in the process.


Being patient with the patient is important in the field of dentistry. Generally, people have the mindset that a visit to a medical professional is an express activity, you go in have a 5-minute conversation; the doctor does a quick check-up and sends you off with a prescription and a revisit date. This setup can sometimes result in faulty outcomes because sometimes the patient will not remember the actual details of their problem and a quick checkup can oversee deeper complications. A professional dentist must spend a generous amount of time with their patients and perform a thorough examination, this also reduces the number of visits by the patients. Some of the best dental implants clinics in Delhi perform detailed rundowns before going further because getting dental implants is a big life change.


Even though a dentist is just doing their job adding a bit of friendly nature in there never hurts anybody. The people who visit dentists are average citizens and they have limitations and anxiety, for some people a doctor’s visit can be a very nerve-racking experience. Radiating friendly energy and atmosphere can comfort and calm the patients, this also allows them to open up more. Let’s not forget that some of the patients that come in are children, generating a positive and friendly first impression to them can develop a good affinity towards oral health.


Besides maintaining oral hygiene, a professional dentist will also make sure to keep a hygienic work environment. An unclean clinic is a very rare sight, but there are chances of it happening. The medical profession goes hand in hand with a clean workplace because when operating on the human body even the tiniest particle can cause tremendous reactions. An unclean clinic also reflects the character of the dentist, this can ward off patients and leave an overall unappealing outlook towards the place. Well-maintained tools, regular disinfection, frequent sanitation, etc are traits of a healthy workplace and with regular patients, all of this is crucial so that infections do not spread around. 

Honesty and good ethics:

This should be followed regardless of the profession you are in, being a good human always comes first. Dentistry is a profession where people trust in you and your methods, and the same level of trust should be reverted. Showing confidence in your work is always appreciated and also admitting to mistakes and taking responsibility will also be commended. Believe it or not, in India you can find fraudulent medical practitioners, people who generate a fake medical degree and sometimes provide misleading information, this can prove to be very harmful to people as dire effects can arise when someone claims to have the best orthodontic treatment in Delhi you need to double-check.


Empathy is the most undervalued aspect of the modern generation, people are usually selfish and rarely think about others. In a profession where everyday people share their problems and pain, an empathetic hand can go a long way. By providing a transparent view of the process, even the patient can understand the issues faced or solutions taken, the right medicines to nullify the pain or quick controlled treatment to eradicate the issue or at the very least listening to the patient and providing comforting words can sometimes do wonders. Even with the charges presented, it is good to understand the background of the patient and then decide a fair amount, constant high prices can be a burden for some patients.

A profession in any field must persuade its customers or in this case the patients, certain qualities can reflect the personality of someone and positive ones can draw people in that direction. Medical profession sometimes seems like a robotic one, but it is not the profession that makes the person, but the person that makes the profession.

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