Braces Treatment Process

Braces Treatment Process

Braces Treatment Process

Braces Treatment Process

The decade has undoubtedly been a decade of rising appearance concerns. On one hand, where people, especially teenagers, spend most of the time looking into a mirror admiring themselves, on the other hand, some of them look for medical procedures to get their flaws rectified.

A bright cheerful smile is one of the most attractive attributes of a person. Almost all of us will agree on the fact that a smile is actually a thing to fall for! But nobody is perfect (sorry to say but not even Beyonce.

A large number of teenagers find a lifted or bent tooth or uneven teeth arrangement ruining their looks. The top dental clinics in Delhi offer the most effective non-surgical solution for getting aligned jaws along with a perfect teeth arrangement – Braces treatment.

Here’s all you need to know about one of the widely used dental treatments i.e. the braces treatment and the process it involves.

Braces Treatment – what it is

Braces treatment is a dental process for straightening the teeth and giving them a better and a healthy look. Dental braces not only beautify the teeth but also help in maintaining their long term health, shape, and functioning.

The working of the braces is much simple. Dental braces exert a force on your dental structure, making them move in the required direction. The jaw bone also changes as an outcome of the pressure, allowing the teeth and their roots to move. 

When do you need a braces treatment?

You might require a braces treatment due to several reasons. Some of the common ones are given below.

  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Uneven spacing between the teeth
  • Underbite
  • Overjet i.e. protruding upper teeth
  • Overbite, etc

Best Orthodontists in Gurgaon offer affordable yet effective braces treatment, giving you the broadest smile.

How is the braces treatment done? (Braces Treatment Process)

The patient needs to go through a detailed procedure before getting dental braces. Here is a detailed process of braces treatment.

  • Consultancy with an orthodontist

The person needs to visit an orthodontist before beginning with the braces treatment. The person can also go for an X-Ray and take that with them for consulting the doctor. The orthodontist will assess the person’s teeth and prescribe a treatment.

If the doctor prescribes a braces treatment, read further to know the further process.

  • Pre-treatment processes

Before beginning with the process of installing braces on a person’s teeth, he/she need to get your teeth professionally cleaned. Besides professional cleaning, the orthodontist also prescribes other treatments if the person has any other oral dental problem.

After ensuring that the teeth are cleaned and orally checked, the process of braces installation begins.

  • The first seating

After the person’s teeth have been thoroughly assessed, he/she is called for her first seating, which involves getting an X-Ray of the individual teeth and the jaw. The orthodontist also clicks pictures of the person’s mouth.

For instance, if the teeth are arranged too tightly, the orthodontist may insert spacers to get the teeth ready for the dental braces.

The doctor then takes prepares a dental braces structure for the person. This process is carried out by taking an impression of the teeth either by making the person bite an impression material or through a digital scan of his/her teeth.

The process remains the same irrespective of the types of braces installed i.e. conventional braces or the modern behind-the-teeth braces. 

  • Installation of dental braces

After the braces are prepared from the person’s dental impressions, it’s time for the installation. The patient is first made to brush and floss to clean his/her teeth. The patient is then laid on an orthodontist chair for beginning the process of installation.

The process begins by putting a device in the patient’s mouth to keep the mouth dry and keeping the tongue in place. Then an etchant is applied to the person’s teeth to keep them dry and clean for bonding.

The orthodontist then applies a special dental adhesive to keep the braces in place during the installation process. Then adhesive is hardened by using a curing light which strengthens the bonding.

In the end, an archwire is run through the braces, which is held in its place through ligature bands. These bands are not used if the person has applied for non-ligature braces.       

The process is completely painless and will take near about 2 hours.

  • Follow up appointments 

Follow up appointments are necessary for the life of the braces. During these appointments, the orthodontist checks the progress of the treatment, makes necessary adjustments, and changes ligature bands & the archwire.

You might have seen people with braces getting new color every month or two. This is because the person can get the ligature bands and archwire changed during these appointments and get another color bands and wire installed.

These appointments are scheduled every 4 to 8 weeks depending upon the situation. The person might feel uncomfortable for some time due to the new wire but it’s temporary.    

The final appointment

The final appointment involves the removal of dental braces. The process is much easier than it seems and takes just 15 minutes for its completion. 

The orthodontist will then polish the person’s teeth and remove the adhesive marks to give him/her shining and aligned teeth. The orthodontist will then suggest the ways to keep a healthy smile after the braces are removed.

Dental clinic in Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR is an abode to several reputed dental clinics offering world-class dental treatments to people from India and abroad. The dental clinics in Gurgaon work with a team of highly-qualified certified orthodontists specializing in dental services including braces treatment, teeth straightening, and much more.

Braces are an excellent way of getting a bright smile with straightened and aligned teeth. If you too face a problem of crooked/crowded teeth, overbiting, underbiting, etc. consult the dental clinic in Delhi NCR and restore your vibrant smile.   

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