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Dental Tourism

Dental tourism entails pursuing dental treatments abroad at attractive medical tourism destinations, away from one’s own region or country. The reasons could be low cost of dental treatment abroad, or non availability of specialised dental treatment in home country. Most people like to club dental tourism with a fun-filled vacation. More and more people are choosing India for dental treatment abroad, because of reputation of Indian doctors, affordable cost of dental treatment in India, ease of travel and no language barrier. All this has given a great boost to dental tourism in India.

Dental Tourism in India

Dental treatments in USA, UK and other European countries can prove to be very expensive compared to developing countries like India. Dental tourism in India has flourished over the years due to compelling reasons such as:

  • Dental insurance and treatment costs in developed countries such as USA and UK are exorbitant as compared to dental treatment cost in India
  • Dollar or pound conversion rates with respect to Indian Rupee gives a distinct cost advantage to India
  • Quality healthcare in accordance with international standards from best dental clinics in India having international accreditations
  • Rigorous infection control systems at par with the western standards
  • Ease of communication with fluency in English of the nursing staff and doctors in India
  • Electronic records of patient history and treatment management
  • Query, consultation and case management co-ordination of the entire trip plan and its execution by medical tourism companies

Cosmetic dental treatments in India have gained immense popularity, with its success and cost benefits ringing across the globe. A beautiful smile imparts self-confidence and happiness to the person. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible for everyone to have these, especially with the above advantages in a country like India. Dental tourism companies such as White Smile help you realise this dream for dental tourism for dental treatments in India with best dental clinics in India at affordable prices.


Treatment procedures with White Smile

White Smile gives dental treatment abroad a newer meaning, with a wide range of dental treatment in India offered to you at affordable prices.

Some of the cosmetic dental procedures offered through White Smile are:

  • dental tourism in India
  • Tooth Cleaning
  • Tooth whitening
  • Dental bonding with composite
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Bridges
  • Gum contouring

Dental treatment cost in India

At White Smile, we recognize the significance of excellent dental health and well-being of our guests and hence our objective is to provide dental care of the highest standards at affordable prices. A preferred association with top dental clinics in India and best dentists in India helps us advise you about:

  • Best dental treatment in India at renowned dental clinics in India
  • Most affordable dental treatment cost in India

An individually allocated case manager takes personalized interest to design a tailor made treatment plan for every guest and will inform you about the duration and dental treatment cost in India.

Pictures of your open mouth and / or OPG X-rays may be sent to for a quick response from the case managers.

Dental procedure cost in U.S.A ($) cost in India($)
Smile designing 8,000 1000*
Metal free bridge 5,500 500*
Dental implants 3,500 200*
Porcelain metal bridge 3,000 300*
Porcelain metal crown 1000 120*
Tooth impaction 2,000 200*
Root canal treatment 1000 150*
Tooth whitening 800 200*
Tooth coloured composite filling 500 60*
Tooth cleaning 300 75*
NOTE: These figures do not suggest the actual cost. Actual cost of treatment varies from case to case.

Why Delhi?

Delhi has everything for everyone. Being the capital city of India, it has state-of-the-art facilities from divergent conveyance, hotels and food to historic as well as modern places to around. Your medical tourism to Delhi can be more of an adventurous entertainment along with the quality & affordable treatments. Historical monuments of India are its work of art and are a must visit for international tourists and one can acknowledge their dental tour along with commendable sightseeing.


Delhi has great access to nearby places and other hill-stations to visit around with easy conveyances like metro, taxi and railways for intra city sightseeing and railways and flights for inter-city travelling.


From luxury experiences to affordable stays, Delhi has it all for you. One can opt from variety of choices at all the more different locales of the city hotels designed for soothing and calm living or loud, party like environment to convert your dental tour into a vacation in all budgets.

Food & Restaurants

You don't have to worry about the taste you will be offered at the restaurants in Delhi as it has diverse range of Indian cuisines suitable for different taste buds as well as international flavour restaurants available at almost all the corners in the city.

White Smile Cares

We encourage you to educate yourself about the dental treatment possibilities, benefits of the right kind of dental treatment and then make an informed decision.

White Smile thus invites you for a free consultation with expert dentists and assures you hassle free arrangements for examinations, dental procedures, recovery, travel and stay in India.

You can be assured that with White Smile’s expertise, we will bring in a wonderful experience of dental tourism in India, which we have been doing for almost a decade now.